Culture and leisure

We can offer you “Culture and Leisure ” programs,  where tradition and wellness match perfectly.

Not far from Bologna are the Euganean Hills, a territory rich in history where the amazing Ville Venete are located.

A 3-day stay includes one day dedicated to visiting some of the villas close to a range of green hills where life passes slowly and calmly, following in the footsteps of the poets and artists who lived there and created their art.

Two days are spent in Abano Terme which is the most famous Italian spa resort, with its own thermal water source with thermal pools extending outside into the tropical garden, allowing you to enjoy complete relaxation and wellness.

The Grand Hotel Abano Terme offers several fitness machines and treatments of every type, all perfectly equipped in elegant  surroundings and offering top quality service in customer care.

You can also experience a true VIP stay by arriving at Abano Terme in a gorgeous Ferrari. You would have “the red” at your disposal for the entire day to have fun driving in the surrounding hills.