Gourmet Tour

We are surrounded by excellence in all fields.

We can offer you a day dedicated to taste, good flavours and excellent food of our region.

The day starts with the visit of a PDO ham factory  in the Parma area. There, you will see all phases of the production of this renowned kind of cold cut with your own eyes. You will start from the meat processing and lose yourself in the unique flavor of Parma Ham until the tasting of the final product, which is the result of a careful and meticulous ageing process. You will round your tour off with a tasting of Parma ham and savor its neverending sweetness and unique flavor.

The visit of a famous Parmigiano Reggiano PDO factory will follow where you will learn how to distinguish between cheeses of different ageing thanks to a guided tasting and where you will appreciate the unique blend of flavours of such an excellent cheese. You will also visit an artisan manufacturer of the sublime balsamic vinegar of that area.

And, to properly conclude this itinerary dedicated to taste, you will have dinner at a famous restaurant in Bologna, known as “the fat” for its good food or in Modena.